music players over the years

MARCH 29TH 2013

Here are some music players I have used over the years.

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winamp - during my win9x - early windows xp days. very lightweight and played anything you threw at it.
itunes - i got my first iPod in 05' and was introduced to the wonderful world of itunes. I was loyal to itunes for 6 years. we broke up in 2011.
spotify - in 2011 something happened. spotify launched in the US. It replaced itunes for me. In other words, I fell in love with it. Now I pay $9.99/month — and i get all the music an audiophile could ever ask for.
In conclusion ... I think each change represents a major shift in digital music consumption. In my winamp days, it was the wild wild west of mp3's -with p2p networks like napster and kazaa.

Then iTunes came around and introduced people to the idea of paying 99 cents for a digital song. Not everyone bites, but people do it.

Then, Spotify comes out with a payment structure that pleases everyone — free with ads [for desktop only use] or pay with no ads [and you can use it on your phone].

Timing is everything..

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