4 things I learned selling a quarter million in 2014


2014 is winding down -- so I thought it might be beneficial to share my experiences on making it rain.

Are you listening?
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Nobody cares

When I hit $30K early in the year I thought I was a made man. I flew to Chicago for a day and pitched to some top VC's. They were not impressed. They were also not impressed that I ran this whole operation by myself.

What I learned -- Go hard in the paint. Do what you do for you [+ your customers] -- and no one else.

Customer Service is fun

Early on when the phone rang I would freak out. Most times people only call our 1-800 number when they are pissed, or they want to know where the thing they purchased is.

What I learned -- During these calls, the best thing to do is let customers know you are on their side.

Fraud is real

Around Halloween I almost lost $4K due to fraudsters -- in one day. How spooky is that?

I ended up really losing $1K of my own money, which hurt my feelings. What made matters worse is they resided outside of the United States.

I fought hard for it, and ultimately I got it back.

What I learned - There are 3 things that are certain in life -- Taxes, Death, and Fraud. Have a plan for each of them.

There are a million ways to make a dollar

There are entrepreneurial opportunities everywhere!

On robora, Some people sell e-books, some people sell services, some sell courses, some people sell t-shirts, some people sell purses, and some people sell calendars.

What I learned -- Wherever your interests lie, whatever you love doing, there is a way to monetize it.

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