5 things I did, that you should try to do


These are a few things that I recently did. You might want to try them too.

Go on now.
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I got rid of cable. Not because I'm poor, (my money long), but because cable is wack. I used to pay $100/mo — now its more like $16, thanks in no small part to netflix and hulu plus.
I don't have a gas guzzler anymore. I traded that bitch. Lets do some simple math. $120/week in gas times 52 weeks is roughly $6K in gas. My new gas bill is $40/week. Times THAT by 52 weeks and it is ~ $2K.

.. and you just saved $4k, annually.
When I get chinese food from the mall, I always get it to-go — even if I'm sticking around. You get more food.
Get to the west coast as soon as possible. It is so pretty.
I take the stairs instead of the elevator sometimes.
bonus - help friends + family, when you can.

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