So I remade Groupon


Groupon is pricey. And you have to get approved. You should be able to sell whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.

Groupon is a great concept, don't get me wrong. But what doesn't sit well with me is the fact they they take 50% of the revenue businesses will potentially generate.

To add insult to injury, this 50% gets taken away on the discount, which the business is already offering at a heavily discounted price.

As a business you will lose using groupon.
So.. what did I do. I made robora deals. Basically what this tool does is allow ANYONE to create a groupon type daily deal. and I don't take any money from the sale. Only a small credit card processing fee.
It takes, wait for it — 2 minutes to make one. I timed myself. You just say when it'll end, what the sale price and original price is and then you can put it anywhere. Like at the bottom of this post.

Think this is cool? You can make unlimited use of robora for only $15/month.

You can sell anything anywhere, that means products, files, and services.

You can even take pre-orders or create your own daily deal and sell anything that way.

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