All of my projects, what are they?

JULY 27TH 2013

I have had lots of ideas, and executed on those ideas. Here are all of them.

Cool man!
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loveh8thing - 2007 - now

loveh8thing was supposed to be something else but I just turned it into my portfolio. I haven't really updated it since 2009.
Rep My City - 2008 - 2010

Rep My City was an app that I released on Facebook in 2008. I had the idea when I was sitting in a meeting one day. The app took me a weekend to make and it essentially was a way to showcase where you are from using your area code. I launched it in LA and Atlanta, eventually almost half a million people installed the app. I made thousands of dollars from this app. So when I was 21 I got a car for my gf! - 2011 - now is a twitter bot I wrote. Basically you tweet to @workingfm with something you are doing and how long you think it should take you. After that time has elapsed, then the bot tweets back to you and sees if you are done. I didn't market this, quite frankly I think it's whack, but it was just a fun way for me to test the twitter platform. Here is my page on there (

Meet My Hair - 2011 - now

Meet My Hair is a way for natural hair girls to get inspiration for natural hair styles or to upload their hairstyles. It is profitable but I could probably make it way more profitable if I actually knew a lot about natural hair.

Now I say all that to say this. Follow your dreams. You will be glad you did.

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