How to balance booze, ladies, school and work (*ASKED*)


Finally a great question - and I'm willing to answer it. Life is a big game. The game is called multi-tasking. Are you playing it?

Finally a worthwhile question
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Booze - well this is easy. by booze i assume you are referring to drinking. and that's simple. i drink anytime of the day. morning afternoon or night. and if i'm going out, i call "NOT IT" first so i don't have to be the designated driver.
Work - well first of all I don't work. i quit my job last year and I been home ever since. not like home at my mom's house.. but like home at my own house here in LA. just getting this money.
School - there's nothing to balance here. i am so against school (undergrad and higher) it's not even funny. i think it is the biggest scam in america. But i graduated from UF in 2010 - so that chapter is closed, thank you very much.
Ladies - i am appalled that you would use the plural form of lady. i only have one lady though, since i'm married.
there you have it. how i balance all those different things.

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