A drug dealer and a businessman have a lot in common


Relativity is real. Allow me to demonstrate. Two seemingly unrelated professionals are doing the same things, only selling a different product. Amazing.

Wow, I'm actually right
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Both have really good interpersonal skills - both a businessman and a drug dealer are really good at communicating. at the end of the day, they're both selling a product. When you sell products, it is essential to effectively communicate with your consumer base. ok, great.
they both get girls - attracting the opposite gender, while not being crucial to the success of either endeavor, comes with the terrority when being a successful drug dealer and/or businessman. big deal.
they both don't overindulge in their product - it would be a huge disservice for either a drug dealer or a businessman to pull the products they are producing off of the "production line" for their own personal gain. it affects their bottom line, and ultimately could lead to the downfall of their business. who knew.
they practice diversification - both a businessman and a drug dealer have diversified interests (closely related to their main hustle.) so a drug dealer might also own a record label.. where the artists are talking about drugs. and a businessman might invest in a company that requires the services his business offers. whoa!
they know their product - they both know the value of their product and how much it should sell for. they don't sell it at cost. they offer discounts to loyal customers. both know it is essential to "scale." both don't get too complacent or comfortable.
both have an exit strategy - a good drug dealer knows that they aren't going to do this for the rest of their life. they want to move on to bigger, better, [legitimate] and more profitable business ventures. a businessman wants to sell their company and make another bigger - more successful one.
good stuff - isn't it?

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