How I got here

AUGUST 19TH 2011

A lot of people just say "they taught themselves" - but I thought it might be fun to retrace my steps and see just how I got here.

Oh, so thats how you did it...
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1998 - got my first computer capable of doing anything worth bragging about. i am 9 now.
1999 - got Visual Basic 4. may or may not have payed for it. started making simple win9x software for myself - capable of doing bad things on AOL.
1999 - first dunk on my fisher price basketball hoop
2000 - got a better computer. started dabbling in web/graphic design. i am 11 now. horrible example
2001 - spent the summer submitting the source code of some of my software to websites. people like it. i feel good. i am 11 or 12
2002 keep making software and people still like it. im like 13 proof
2002-2005 - spent my summers making software for myself and websites beats and everything in between. just constantly keeping the creative juices flowing. even though i had no clients, it was fun to pretend
2005 - made my first website for profit. $100 to be exact
2006-present just keep getting better everyday. portfolio here

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