Making Important Decisions or Answering Important Questions


Making an important decision is not always easy. That is why God invented coins. Don't let the government tell you otherwise. Coins were made to help you make decisions. Especially important ones. Thats why all coins have 2 sides. So if you live in Mexico you can use a coin to make a decision just like an American would. Or a European would. Or a Greenlander would.

Leave it to the coin.
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First, you have to decide what the options are. See below.
Like Heads is gonna be "dump that skeezer on a street corner somewhere"
Or tails is gonna be "let her hang around for an additional month"
Flip the coin - whatever it lands on, go with that.
If you don't like the results you can turn it into a best out of three tournament. Thats cool as well.

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