How you should be using your Facebook page


I've mastered the art of the Facebook page. My FB Kung Fu is so nice B.. I have pages with 26K fans and 10.5K fans respectively -- but boy is it a lot of work to manage them. Here are some tips so you can get there too.

Here we go
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Post early, post often

You should aim to post at least once every other day. Don't bother people too much.
Engage Them

Ask your audience questions. Give them the power to drive the conversation.. but make sure you reply to their posts! Don't just be a moderator, be part of the convo.
Have a compelling profile photo + cover photo

Do you have a profile logo and cover photo that will blow your fans away? If it looks like it was made in MS Paint, people won't take you seriously. Spend some time on this step.

Don't have an FB page yet?

Thats okay, because I can make you one!

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