My freelancing days are over


*RIP* to freelancing - those days are over for me.

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Flakey - Sometimes I spend time talking about things that don't actually come to fruition. :-/
Paying - Sometimes people never pay you. or they they take a long time to do so. This is the coolest part.
Same thing - Everybody wants to build some web app, off a wack ass idea ... usually conceived after watching "The Social Network"
I have a life - I dont program 24/7 , I have a gigs that take up more than 40hrs of my week, and occasionally I like to relax.
Wasting my time - I don't like to waste my time.
Listening - Sometimes clients don't listen to you, but thats okay. Because this is the second coolest part.
Traveling - I have traveled a lot more, got a few stamps in my passport, and I don't even carry my laptop with me anymore.
If you ask me to make you something - I'm gonna link you to this page
CRACK COCAINE - I have likened what I do to selling crack cocaine. What I have discovered, is that when you are selling grade A crack [and quickly] this creates a lot of problems. The crackheads get really excited and want more, and fast. Unfortunately there's only one dope boy in the kitchen.
last but not least - I dont even need to freelance, cuz I'm six figure milky

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