Malcolm: 125. Jacuzzi: 0.


Never lose, always win - A day without the Jacuzzi is a day full of sin.

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The secret is out. I love the jacuzzi. crank it all the way to the maximum time and hop in!! SPLISH SPLASH beeetch!
NO electronics allowed - That means if you're trying to call it wont work. YES! because i hate the telephone. it reduces productivity. just send it in an email. but back to the jacuzzi..
It has jets - And i Love jets. Jumbo JETS. New York JETS. JET setting. the JETsons... and the JETS on the jacuzzi. its like getting a massage without paying for a masseuse.
SPLASHING and SPLISHING - i love splashing and splishing. it makes me feel like a kid agian. and i love feeling like a kid again. SPLISH SPLASHH!
WATER - i love water
thats it. I love the jacuzzi!

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