Some questions i would like answers to

MARCH 5TH 2011

i dont think like normal people. i question everything - but these are some questions i dont quite have the answer to just yet.

do you know the answer?
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do you know how they have those armored trucks that bring money to banks and stuff? do they have trucks like that for redbox machines? for delivering the videos, you know
howcome some gas pumps dont have that automatic gas filler latch thing? standing and filling up the tank is very inefficient. i could be in my car listening to this song. it upsets me
do you remember that little plastic table that use to come in pizza boxes? it usually sat right in the center. where did that go and what purpose did it serve? hmm.
really good questions. i know. i know.
newspapers. you know how you can pay for one and then you have access to all of them? why doesn't someone make a business where they buy 1 for the price of 1, grab like 10 and sell to people at a super deep discount? perplexing.

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