Learning Javascript (for designers)

MAY 12TH 2012

Javascript is quickly becoming a world class language.. If you a designer who actually builds prototypes (or things for production) chances are you need to be familiar with it.

Look at you.
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jQuery is your friend - Include it in all your projects. It will make your life 10 times easier and makes picking up JS easier as well. Download jQuery here.
Use existing plugins/extensions. Don't try and reinvent the mothafuckin' wheel. For example - If you need a slideshow, use one that already exists (like the nivo slider). Google is your friend in this regard.
Grasp selectors and events - If you must learn one thing about Javascript or jQuery ... learn selectors and events. You're a designer right? You should know CSS, so it will be easy to pick up. Here are a few examples.


Select all divs and make the background red.

     $('div').css({background: 'red'});


Disable all inputs with the class "disabled."

     $('input.disabled').prop('disabled', true);


CRAZY SHITT. When you click a link where the id="fadeEverything", CHANGE THE OPACITY TO LIKE 15% in this bitch.

$('a#fadeEverything').click(function(e) {
     $('body').animate({opacity: 0.15});
Get busy! There is obviously a lot more to javascript than just this. It is a programming language... but as far as designers are concerned, these points should prove beneficial.

This is the part where you close your browser and open Dreamweaver and get crackin'!

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