3 reasons why someone probably unfriended you

MARCH 12TH 2013

Today, I have elected to speak on getting unfriended, and the 3 categories losing your friendship status (via any social network) may fall under.

They're sad [in a passive aggressive sort of way] - Maybe it just simply boils down to the fact that you hurt their feelings. Find solace in the fact that they didn't resort to violence, and instead chose to navigate through a myriad of hidden menus to ultimately relinquish this "friendship."
They're nosy - Maybe they just added you as a friend to see who you were going out with. They really like you, and were crushed to discover you aren't single. Then they un-friended you, and went about their merry way.
They un-friended your best friend - You are an accessory to a break-up, and since you and your best friend are a package deal.. you're out.
In conclusion, deleting friends is a very feminine thing to do..

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