I made PayPal donations better

JULY 31ST 2013

I was bored over the weekend so I made a better version of the PayPal Donate button.

Wow you are smart!
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PayPal donations are good...

But they could be better.

Way better.

The number one problem with these buttons is they lack any kind of personality. People who have any kind of "Donate" button on their site would benefit from something that speaks to their site's audience, while supplying ideal donation levels. Like this —

Donate buttons do a bad job of determining an ideal donation

When someone gets dumped to a page where they are asked to "Donate", most times there is no amount, essentially its just a button or freeform field. My guess is that this type of implementation converts rather poorly. People need options. Ask (while being specific) and you shall receive!
Get it on your site/blog

It is so easy to integrate if you wanted to use it on your site/blog. You can make your own at my new site robora.com. Ask me for an invite code and I'll give you one.

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