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2010 resolutions revisited


3 reasons why someone probably unfriended you
3 things I need to happen in the next 500 days


4 things I learned selling a quarter million in 2014


5 things I did, that you should try to do


A drug dealer and a businessman have a lot in common
A Few Things I Don't Like
Adding Brushes To Photoshop
All of my projects, what are they?
Am I On Track To Become a Boss?


Bad things I have done


Changing the timezone on ubuntu


Doris By Earl The God


Examine Hard Drive Space by Folder on Windows


Find the time since last reboot
Finding your side hustle, there are only 4 ways
First five minutes on a linux server
Fix a Frozen Crashing iPod Touch / iPhone
Fix Surface Pro 3 Broken Wifi on Windows 10
Flush cache - update host files on mac or windows


Git branching, create a new branch, push to remote


handy unix stuff
Help me get just one dollar
Hey Look at Me
How an Irresistible Sale Netted Me $1000 Over a Weekend
How cultured are you??
How I got here
How to balance booze, ladies, school and work (*ASKED*)
How To Become a Boss
How To Block MySpace
How To Combat Bullying
How To Delete Viruses
How To Download YouTube Videos
How To Get A Good Job
How To Get Into Safe Mode
How to Get RedBox Movies for free
How To Get Songs From Your iPod
How To Give a Girl a Kiss, Correctly
How To Hide All Icons On Your Desktop
How To Install New Fonts
How To Make A Website (1 of 10)
How to make someone mad
How To Score on The First Date
How you should be using your Facebook page


I Can't Play My Video - Something, Something Codec
i eat my pizza backwards.
I like kilo kish a lot
I made PayPal donations better
if i had an ice cream truck...
If you want to fight me


Javascript - Convert String to Number


killing a screen session in unix


Learning Javascript (for designers)
Listening To Music Online For Free


Making Important Decisions or Answering Important Questions
Malcolm: 125. Jacuzzi: 0.
music players over the years
my bucket list
My Daily Routine
My Favorite Aaliyah Songs *RIP*
My Favorite Version of Billy Jean
My freelancing days are over
My girlfriend makes clothes


Name your own price sales
Nginx doesnt work on windows 10, Port 80 in use


OpenAL for OpenBVE


Picking The Right Laptop
port forwarding using iptables (like port 80 to port 3000)
pt. 1 - If you aren't creating (YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG)
pt. 2 - If you aren't putting on a show (YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG)


Radical relationship advice


selling my iphone 5!
Simple buttons
So I remade Groupon
So theres this 3 hour time difference
Some questions i would like answers to
spoiled milk tracklist
Success — it's hard to define


Take One For The Team
The Best Blog Platforms
The Best Web Browser
Things I Like To Do
things that i use everyday
Thug Life
Time - Why God invented it
Time for web hosting?
To the girl that always talks about relationships


using git to deploy to production servers


vagrant mysql
Very Good Pick Up Lines Invented By Me


What inspires me
What is Lovey-Dubby & Why You Shouldn't Do It
WHAT THE F*** is robora?
When Is It Time To Ditch My Girlfriend?
Who is the girl that says 'Maybach Music'?
Why I Ain't Scared Of Nothin'
Why I Don't Buy Jordans Anymore
Why I Don't Live By The Rules
Why I Don't Lotion My Feet
Why Success Is The Best Revenge
Why you aren't getting a sales
Why You Should Eat Pizza
Why You Should Put Your Team On
Working a 9-5 sucks
Working With a ZIP / RAR / TAR File