What inspires me

JUNE 13TH 2011

I'm 22 and it doesn't take much to inspire me. Simple will do it.

Wow, that was inspiring
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Great stories - Sign me up. There's nothing like a great story. If Robotussin doesn't work, a great story will surely fix it. You think you got it bad? I got a story for that.
Freedom - I like this. The freedom to do as you please is real. Going home to see my mom whenever I want is real. Driving 4 hours to Atlanta on some idle Tuesday evening, randomly, is real. Not being tied to down to some 9-5 is real. Not having to meet some crazy deadline is real. You should strive for freedom. We all have to work, lets face it. But why not do what you love, when you want, and get paid to do it?
No phones - I hate the phone - as it relates to work related duties. It gives the employer/client direct access. As a tool to maintain familial relationships its great. But as a way to say HEY where's that THING or HOWS THAT THING LOOKING when I am in California trying to relax? Or eating dinner with my wife. No thanks.
Saying No - I used to say yes a lot but now I say no. Its quite liberating. I'm comfortable with where I'm at so no need to take on anything that is going to be too crazy or jeopardize #2.
Giving - Giving is great. It can come in a variety of forms. Sometimes I give advice. Sometimes I don't send an invoice. Sometimes I do things for an insanely low price. Sometimes I leave generous tips. Sometimes the people I'm with think I'm crazy when I do it. My gratuity is based on three principles: service, grace, and humility. Most people get the service part right.. but for the few that do it with grace + humility, they get tipped the bill and then some hahah. they are usually older and shouldn't be working anyways.

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