Success — it's hard to define


It is hard to define success.

I was doing my usual Instagram lurking and came across a post where a guy said he had a few kids and a couple of jobs. Maybe thats success. I dunno.

You've probably heard people say they "... have a degree, have a job, can pay their bills, and a way to get around ..." Maybe thats success. I dunno.

Success is relative — meaning you define it, but sometimes people set the bar too low. Sometimes, people set the bar too high. I would be in the set the bar too high camp.

I'm not too thrilled with regard to my current state of success-affairs. Maybe making a statement like that is where success begins. Surely I'm a good candidate — I got a degree, some cars, surpass the coveted 6-figure threshold annually, and I got a wife. But I'm still losing. And I won't be winning until:

  • I got a pool on my roof
  • .. and all my friends and family are splishing and splashing with me [in my pool on my roof.]
  • .. and this is all happening on a weekday. Because we won't have to work.

I heard a great quote today [regarding competition] ... "I'm not worried about the guy with a 190 IQ, I'm worried about the sicko who puts in work everyday."

I want to be a sicko. Successful people are sickos.

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