pt. 2 - If you aren't putting on a show (YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG)


Lights, camera, action. You need to be putting on a show. Because if you aren't, you're losing.

Work it, work it, fashion baby.
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2 people in the world - There are 2 people in the world. producers and consumers - sellers and buyers - a performer and their audience - pimps and prostitutes.
be these things. You need to be a seller, or a producer, or a performer — if you're not.. you're just a buyer, a consumer, or part of the audience. (or a prostitute)
!!!! nigga - if you're just a spectator, then you are losing out on getting the $$$. plus you are wasting valuable time.
we're all in the audience & it's ok to be in the audience every now and then.. but I think you need to BE THE NIGGA on the stage putting on a show rather than always WATCHING the nigga on the stage put on a show.
so... put on a show. convince people you're the best. make people pay attention to you, your product, your service, OR your idea.

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