What is Lovey-Dubby & Why You Shouldn't Do It

JULY 17TH 2010

Lovey dubby is when you use every waking second to profess your love for your significant other. [Often times using social media.] But take heed, because lovey dubby can cost you your relationship.

Oh give me a break.
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Lovey dubby always ends up biting you in the butt. Don't do it.
Example status updates include: "I have the best (boyfriend/girlfriend) in the world." Or, "Oh how I love [insert name]." Don't do it.
Lovey dubby is a silent killer, like AIDS. Don't do it.
While it's great that you love your boyfriend or girlfriend, everyone doesn't need to be reminded daily. It's implied. It comes with the territory. Don't do it.
Every girl or boy whom I've seen exercise lovey dubby has had their relationship end at some point in time. That means there is a strong correlation between relationship termination and the use of lovey dubby. Don't do it.
Don't do it.

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