WHAT THE F*** is robora?


I been working on this project for about 3 months. What is it? I'll tell you.

Robora is a suite of tools that allow you to sell anything, anyway you want.

I called the suite "Robora" because I view the tools as a sort of "digital assistant" whose job is to help facilitate sales.
Currently there are 5 robora tools.

Sales/Pre-Sales - this allows you to sell anything, anywhere — and do it quickly. You can put a link on instagram, facebook, or twitter. Or put an actual widget in your blog post or someone elses blog post. Limit each sale to a certain quantity to match your inventory or just to create scarcity.

Donations - People are already using this, and this is just a way to collect PayPal donations anywhere on your site. I had this crazy idea that having pre-determined donation amounts help boost donations. Turns out I was right.

Files - I use the files widget to share some free files that people have a hard time finding. - Example: google search "openal openbve download" and this link comes up - I envision that people may use it to share their e-books/PDF files, albums, software, PSDs, sewing patterns -- any digital good that you can put a price on. You can also share free files an effort to add people to an email list you may be curating.

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