Why I Don't Live By The Rules

JULY 16TH 2010

Why live by the rules? Living by the rules aren't exciting. Taking risks are.

Rules are for wussies.
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People in every profession always preach about the right way of doing things. I say f-it.
All that matters are results. If I have a better result than that guy, who cares about the rules.
Being ethical is important-- but we ain't talkin' about ethics-- we're talking about the rules.
Rules work great in a vacuum. But we don't live in a vacuum.
A classic example is institutions. Take school for example. The rules tell you... pursue an education (i.e. college) and you'll be set for life. So why do I make more than some of my professors? Something's not right.
What about the people who go to school for 30 years and get their masters... PhD. what-ever they offer these days -- only to not have a job? Tisk tisk.
Essentially nothing's promised.
So F rules and take risks. The end.

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