Why Success Is The Best Revenge

JULY 18TH 2010

I've had many situations in my life where revenge is suitable, and rightly so. But fighting fire with a slice of pizza is better than fighting fire with fire. Here's why.

I just want to be successful.
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Revenge is deeply rooted in retaliation. Often times the person who you owe this "revenge" to is waiting for you to retaliate.
When you don't retaliate, it catches them by surprise.
They might look at you crazy. Or think your dumb.
But beware. They are watching your every move.
This is thee premiere opportunity to exercise success. Spotlight's on you.
The beauty in" fighting fire with success" is the person at fault will want to be a part of it. Jealousy might ensue.
Your work is done! Who knows, there's that small chance the person might even apologize.

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