Why you aren't getting a sales

AUGUST 19TH 2013

From time to time I see people trying to sell stuff online. A lot of the times I cringe.

Oh thats why..
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A Hail Mary?

Thats what it looks like. It's first and 10 and you are trying to go for the 80 yard touchdown. You login to Facebook, talk about this thing I never heard about before -- post a link to your store with your t-shirt, CD, or music that you assume I should buy because we are friends.

No, no, and no. Thats not the right way to do it.
You should tell a story

When you sell things online you should aim to tell a story. There should be a narrative behind the product you're pushing. Let's pretend I make ceramic mugs and that I absolutely adore milk and cookies.

The first time you hear about my mugs, I'm not going to try to sell them to you. You will hear about it WAY before I try to sell it to you.

Instead, I will take you on the journey with me. I might show you some artwork I am thinking about putting on the mug. Then I might show you how I make the mugs. When I'm done with you, you will know that ceramic mugs are my thing.
When I am ready to sell

It will be triumphant.

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